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Our Professional Piano Moving services handle the relocation of your piano with the care, attention, and professionalism. We are among the most reliable piano movers in Toronto, Pickering, and Montreal because of our vast experience. Make the right decision with Sunday Movers. Your piano will be handled by professionals. Over the years, we have moved pianos in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, earning a good reputation and loyal customers. Our services are even available the same day you order.

Whether you’re moving your piano down the hall, down the street, or to a complete different zip code, Sunday movers will deliver it in the same condition as we found it. Our movers will load, move, and unload your piano with care and precision, avoiding scratches, bumps, and bruises.

  • Are there steep stairs in your existing apartment? We’ve found a way to get around it.
  • Are you worried about sharp corners in your upcoming home? No worries about dents or scratches with our protective materials.
  • Do you have several pianos that need to be moved at the same time? We have the necessary equipment and resources to get the job done.
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Our Piano Moving Services

Let us tell you how our team moves a piano.

1. Moving Upright Pianos & Apartment Pianos

When transferring it, our piano movers lift and place an apartment-sized or upright piano on top of a piano skid. The piano is then wrapped in protective blankets to prevent scratching, chipping, or other damage to your walls and entrance. We use a second layer of shrink wrap to bind the blankets to the piano. Unique straps are then utilized to tie the instrument to the piano skid. The piano is then placed on a dolly and rolled out the door by a team of piano movers. When a piano needs to be moved upstairs or downstairs, a piano skid is placed directly on the stairwell and carefully dragged over the stairs.

2. Moving Baby Grand Pianos & Grand Pianos

Our professional piano movers will set up a piano skid covered in a moving blanket and covered with another one before relocating a grand piano. Our piano movers will remove the pedal box, piano lid, and leg until the piano stands on its side, on the blanket, with the piano skid below. The piano will be wrapped in a blanket and shrink-wrapped to avoid damage. We also cover each disassembled component carefully before loading it to the moving truck as part of our service.
Next, the piano is loaded onto a vehicle and transported to its final destination. The relocation of a grand piano requires meticulous planning and professional execution, which is what Sunday Movers promises to its customers as a piano moving company.

You can contact us by phone or email to request our piano moving services. If you have a lot of specific requirements in mind, please fill out the Free quote form on our website. Be sure to include the location from which the piano will be moved, as well as the piano’s size. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details, and we will send you a free quote right away.

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